W.1 Handmade Mesh Fabric Doll Knee Socks For Fashion Royalty Nu Face Dolls

  • $2.80
  • Save $0.20


  • Handmade by me! Wenwen!

    I have always loved sew for dolls, I'm finally going to offer my own doll clothes lines now!
  • 【Quantity】Price for 1 pair of socks
  • 【Color】Black/White (More colors coming soon!)
  • 【Suitable for】It fits Fashion Royalty, Nu Face. Loose on Poppy. Will have Poppy size in the future.
  • 【More details】Please note it's machine sew handmade socks, please see the last two pictures for the look of the back.
  • 【Important info】So far, no report of stain, however, please don't keep them on your dolls for too long to avoid stains

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