C002 Handmade Mesh Fabric Doll Knee Socks For Fashion Royalty Nu Face Poppy Parker Dolls

  • $2.80
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  • Handmade by me and my own sewing team!  
    I have always loved sew for dolls, I'm finally going to offer my own doll clothes lines now!
  • 【Quantity】Price for 1 pair of socks
  • 【Suitable for】We are now offering two sizes! One for dolls like Poppy Parker,  and one for dolls like Fashion Royalty and Nu Face.
  • 【More details】Please note it's machine sew handmade socks, the back is sewed. We are doing our best to provide good sewing handmade doll clothes but yet, handmade can never be perfect.
  • 【Important info】So far, no report of stain, however, please don't keep them on your dolls for too long to avoid stains

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