B129 Heart Shape 6mm Mini Rivet Studs Doll Clothes Sewing Craft Doll Supply

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      šŸ”“Please note that the option 9, 13, 14's metal color is dark grey for the new shipment, it doesn't affect how the stud looks after installed. Please see the second picture.šŸ”“
    • 怐Quantity怑Price for 10 sets (One set rivet stud includes one top piece and one bottom piece)
    • 怐Material怑Metal with color coat
    • 怐Measurement怑Heart diameter: 6Ɨ5mm or 0.23Ɨ0.19 inches
      Height after install: 5mm or 0.19 inches
    • 怐Suitable for怑Sewing projects for 12" 16" dolls like Blythe, FR, PP, BJD, Momoko, etc.
    • 怐More details怑 Really cute heart rivet studs! Very easy to install and so many ways to uses for your doll clothes sewing projects! Ā 
    • 怐How to apply怑Insert the bottom part of the rivet studs into a pre-punched hole on the fabric, then put the top cap on. Use a rubber mallet to secure it. Please be sure to use desk mat to protect your desk.
      If you don't feel confidence to apply it directly with the method above, we do carry a setter tool with base for the heart rivet studs. Simply click here to find it!
    • 怐Important info怑Due to personal preference, you might feel like this product is too big or too small for your project. We highly recommend you to make sure this is the right size for you based on the measurementsĀ 

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