B178 Extra Small 7×8mm Mini Overall Buckles Doll Clothes Sewing Craft Supply For 1/8 Scale Bjd Dolls OB11

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  • 【Quantity】Price for 4 sets of overall hooks (each set includes one hook and one stud set)
  • 【Material】Metal
  • 【Measurement】
    Diameter for the hook: 7×8mm or 0.27×0.31 inches
    Stud width: 3mm or 0.12 inches
  • 【Suitable for】Those overall buckles are much smaller than the B027 overall buckles we carry. It fits 1/8 scale dolls or OB 11 dolls.This overall buckles sets will not work for 12” 16" 18" dolls. This overall set is about the same size as the B031 we carry, the hook for this set is more flat while the B031 one is rounder. And this set is cheaper than the B031 one simply because the manufacture is different. The quality is still very good!
  • 【More details】One of our most popular products. Don't you always want to make a cute overall dress for your doll? Simply search B178 in our shop for other color options
  • 【Important info】Due to personal preference, you might feel like this product is too big or too small for your project. We highly recommend you to make sure this is the right size for you based on the measurements
  • 【How to apply the rivet studs】Insert the bottom part of the rivet studs into a pre-punched hole on the fabric, then put the top cap on. Use a rubber mallet to secure it. This is the easiest way to apply it. However this method might cause the top cap been flat. To prevent flat head, we start to carry a rivet studs tool, simply search W004 in our shop to find it.

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