B212 Colorful Vertical Style 9mm Heart Tiny Mini Buckles Doll Sewing Doll Craft Supply Doll Clothes Making

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  • What's vertical style?

    For those buckles, we have vertical style and also horizontal style .

    The difference are where the middle bars are located.

    As for me, I think vertical style is good for making belt and such where the strap goes side by side while horizontal style is good for straps that goes from to bottom.
  • 【Quantity】Price for 5 buckles
  • 【Material】Metal
  • 【Measurement】
    Outer diameter: 9×9.5mm or 0.35×0.37 inches
    Inner width: 5mm or 0.2 inches
  • 【Suitable for】Sewing projects for 12" 16" dolls like Blythe, FR, PP, BJD, Momoko, etc.
  • 【More details】Super cute heart buckles. There are so many possibilities with those buckles.
  • 【Important info】Due to personal preference, you might feel like this product is too big or too small for your project. We highly recommend you to make sure this is the right size for you based on the measurements.

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