B238 Bronze/Gold/Silver 10mm Decorative Hook Buckle Mini Buckles Sewing Craft Doll Clothes Making Sewing Supply

  • $0.60
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  • 【Quantity】Price for 2 pairs of hook buckles (One set is considered as a pair)
  • 【Material】Metal
  • 【Measurement】10×5mm / 0.39×0.2 inches
  • We also carry 15mm ones, simply click here to find them
  • We also carry 20mm ones, simply click here  to find them
  • 【Suitable for】Sewing projects for 12" 16" fashion dolls like Blythe, FR, PP, BJD, Momoko, etc.
  • 【More details】Those are so tiny my fingers can barely pick them up.
  • 【Important info】Due to personal preference, you might feel like this buckle is too big or too small for your project. We highly recommend you to make sure this is the right size for you based on the measurements

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