C021 Fishnet Doll Pantyhose Tights For 12" Fashion Dolls Like Poppy Parker Fashion Royalty Nu Face 12" Dolls

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  • 【Quantity】Price for 1 pair of pantyhose
  • 【Suitable for】We now have two sizes. The small size fits dolls like Poppy Parker and B***** nicely. The large size fits dolls like Fashion Royalty and Nu Face nicely.
  • 【More details】Color 8/12 needs to be adjusted to look more even due to the fabric been very stretchable.
  • The material feels nice. Even thought I don't think it will stain. Didn't run stain test, don't leave on the doll for too long.
  • Please note it's machine sew handmade socks, there's seams on the inner thigh sides . We are doing our best to provide good sewing handmade doll clothes but yet, handmade can never be perfect.
  • 【Important info】Those doll clothes are well made, the quality is pretty good. However, they can't compete with expensive custom made doll fashion or branded doll company's products.


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