W004 Rivet Studs Setter Tool For 3mm 4mm Mini Rivet Studs Doll Clothes Sewing Craft Supply

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  • 【Quantity】Price for 1 rivet studs setter tool
  • 【Material】Metal
  • 【Suitable for】This tool is designed to use on rivet studs with a cap of 3mm 4mm to make sure the rivet studs are applied secured and also prevent flat cap heads.
    This small sized tool will work with our B052 Rivet Studs and the large sized tool will work with our B027 B043 studs. Simply search B027 B043 B052 in our shop to find out more about the rivet studs.
  • 【More details】How to use the rivet studs tool
    Step 1
    Insert the bottom part of the rivet studs into a pre-punched hole on the fabric, then put the top cap on.
    Step 2
    Put the bowl shape side of the tool on the top cap of the stud.
    Step 3
    Hold the tool straight and hit the top of the tool with a rubber mallet.
  • 【Important info】Please don’t hurt yourself. Put something under the eyelet to protect your desk.  

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