W030 Extra Slim Open End Separating Mini Zippers Doll Sewing Supplies Sewing Craft For 12" Fashion Dolls Like FR PP Blythe BJD

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  • ☀️【Quantity】Price for 1 zipper  
  • ☀️【Measurement】Zip-able length: about 7cm or 2.75 inches / 10 cm or 3.94 inches                                                                                                                     Width: 18mm or 0.71 inches
  • ☀️【Suitable for】Sewing projects for 12" 16" dolls like Blythe, FR, PP, BJD, Momoko, etc.
  • ☀️【More details】Very cute zippers, and it got slimmer too! My mom sometimes use the zippers in my shop for her handmade sweaters, sometimes she complains that my zippers are too wide, I was like, come on, that was the slimmest zipper I have! But now, I have something even slimmer! I hope you like it!
  • ☀️【Important info】Due to personal preference, you might feel like this product is too big or too small for your project. We highly recommend you to make sure this is the right size for you based on the measurements 

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