🌟Summer Sale Is Here & Very Important Updates

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Summer sale is our tradition and I hope you guys enjoy this one.

We restocked many of our popular products and we also added something new.

For isewfordoll.om: 20% off on order over $15 or 40% off on order over $25. (Don’t forget isewfordoll is already 10-20% cheaper than our etsy shop)

Use code: 20offsummer for 20% off on order over $15
Or click here to activate the coupon code
Use code: 40offsummer for 40% off on order over $25
Or click here to activate the coupon code

Sale starts now and Ends July 15th 2pm CT.



I know it seems like we have been charging high international shipping, the fact is, we have been losing money on shipping. So we will be making adjustments on shipping rate. Please keep in mind that we absolutely do not make money off shipping.


Starting July 16th,  

For isewfordoll.com 

International shipping rate will be increased to $14.5

Canada shipping rate will be increased to $10.2 

Domestic shipping rate remains the same

If you are also a Etsy seller, you probably know Etsy updated their fee policy last month. Effective July 16, Etsy’s transaction fee will increase from 3.5% to 5% and it will also apply to the cost of shipping. Even though Etsy is increasing the transaction fee, it’s our goal to provide good, cheap, nice and neat doll related products, therefore, we won’t be increasing prices on our products. Since we are already losing money on shipping, we will have to adjust the shipping charge on Etsy. 


Starting July 16th, 

For our Etsy shop:

International shipping rate will be increased to $15.2

Canada shipping will be increased to $10.8

Domestic shipping will be increased to $3.4


I know, those numbers are crazy. We encourage you to shop at isewfordoll.com if you like, everything is already much cheaper since there’s no all kind of fees like listing fee, transaction fee. And the service is as good since isewfordoll.com is my “baby”. 

If you ever see products that are out of stock at isewfordoll.come but still available in our Etsy shop, no worries, simply email us at admin@isewfordoll.com, we will update our inventory right away.


If you have any questions on how we came up with those numbers, please feel free to message us, I will be more than happy to explain it.

Thank you for your patient to read this really long comment. Thank you for your support!





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