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It’s that time of a year again. USPS increased the shipping rate again.

The domestic discounted first class shipping rate increased $0.07. International discounted first class shipping increased $0.24. The Canada discounted first class shipping increased $0.47


We will still keep the $3.2 domestic shipping rate for our U.S customers. The new Canada shipping rate will be increased from $9.53 to $10. The new international shipping rate will be increased from $13.56 to $13.8


I want to explain our shipping rate again.

We charge a flat rate on shipping, meaning no matter if you place a $1 order , or a $1,000 order, you only need to pay the flat rate for shipping. Meanwhile, we charge postage based on a USPS discounted shipping rate plus $0.50 handling fee.


Why are you charging a $0.50 handling fee?

The $0.50 doesn't go into our pocket, this is used for the postage transaction fee and for shipping supplies. For example, when a buyer bought an order of buttons for $1, and paid $13 for first class international shipping, we will have to pay an approximately $0.70 transaction fee simply for the postage payment. This doesn't include the shipping supplies and item cost.

Thank you very much for being so understanding and supportive!

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